The Life of Ryan: Learning When to Throw That Right Hook

When you think of pizza, what comes to mind? A perfect crust, delicious sauce, and melted cheese that blends with the rest of the pie to make an irresistible creation. Now think of how you market that on social media. The majority of what you’d be posting are pictures of your beautiful pies because in the end, that’s what the consumer will be buying. But how do you market something less exciting, like say housing?

You can argue that housing fulfills the basic human need to have a roof over their head, however people can only see pictures of rooms so many times before they are turned off. So how do you approach marketing for a business like this? Gary Vaynerchuk, a famous entrepreneur and marketing genius said to approach social media and marketing in general like boxing. The classic jab, jab, right hook. Or in his words, “Jab, jab, jab, jab, jab...right hook.” It’s the tactic of wearing down your opponent before you move in for a knock-out. The same approach is just as effective when you’re marketing.

I like to think of the potential tenants for your housing client as the 300 pound heavyweight that you need to take down and you’re the 150 pound lightweight. You need to jab many more times before you can even dare to take that right hook. They need to see pictures of the beautiful building and its intricate architecture. They need to see pictures of it’s awesome amenities and the fun events hosted throughout the year. Followers need to be shown that it’s an exciting and fun place to live before you can take that right hook swing and ask them if they would like to lease.

Some things sell themselves based on the simple fact that people know what it is and want it now. Think of me standing in front of you during a 90 degree heat wave with an ice cream cone and rainbow sprinkles. You’re sweating profusely and have a sweet tooth. It’s an easy sell at that moment. But think of that same heatwave and I’m instead standing in front of you with a large box with a door on the front and ask you to step inside. Your immediate reaction would be “What the hell is this crazy person doing asking me to step inside this box for?” Your second reaction would be “Why? What’s so great about this box?” I can’t sell you on the fact it’s a box with a door, but if I showed you the inside, which is air conditioned, had a personal masseuse to ease your tension, and a butler to bring you ice cream as you watched Netflix, you’d be a bit more inclined to take a step inside.

This was an “A-ha!” moment for me when I realized it. It seemed so simple. I figured each week should have some sort of right hook post, but when I was made aware that some accounts need to have many more jabs to get to that right hook swing, it made perfect sense. It jived with everything I had learned over the past month. As I’ve said in the very first blog post: people hate being sold stuff. The trick is showing them the value of what they’re going to be buying enough times so that they’re the ones telling you “Take my money!”

adam sabol