The Life of Ryan: "So What?"

“So what?” A saying so simple it drove Adam nuts during college. “So What?” A saying that can drive anyone nuts when you’ve completed work you’re actually proud of and are face with this bold, abrasive question. “So what?” It’s something not a lot of people account for when they’re doing anything noteworthy: why is someone going to care? It’s a lesson that Adam bestowed on me when contemplating posts for the upcoming week and it hit hard. “Why would anyone care about these what?”

To be honest, I hadn’t thought much of it. I had learned to have a strong intent of a post, have outstanding content, but never really thought of the “So what” Why is someone going to care about a post of Adam and I with oversized coffee mugs? Well it shows we have a sense of humor and that we really love coffee. It humanizes us. Ok...a solid “So what?”. But what about a post of us putting a couch in our new office? Who is going to care about that? Although it’s cool, because not everyone has a couch in their office, it actually might give off the wrong message. We work hard to be good at our job and that might earn us some rest but if a client sees a post about how we put a couch in our office, they might not think we take our jobs seriously.

That couldn’t be further from the truth. We are constantly thinking of ways to better reach the audiences of our clients and how to target them more effectively. That’s why the “So what?” mentality is so important. “Why is the audience going to care about this post?”. That is the toughest part of our job. Thinking of content that resonates with the audience we are trying to speak to. There is no guessing though. We know exactly how many people we are reaching and exactly how many people engage with our posts. So in the end we know what is effective and what needs to be changed.

Sometimes we know exactly what our audiences want to see. With Nirchis, it’s simply pictures of good food and good deals. Most everyone loves pizza. Ages 5-105. That's a pretty broad audience and we know as long as we have outstanding content of pizza, people will respond positively to it. The “So what?” is that people love pizza and want to see pizza, which in turn gets them thinking about buying pizza. Simple. But what about The Printing House, the old Press Building which was converted into student housing.

Our audience is much more narrow there because the only people looking to lease a room at The Printing House are college students, ages 18-23. As someone older than 23, it can be a challenge to think like an 18 year old who is fresh out of high school, but it pays to be up to date on pop culture and try to put yourself in their head. Emoji’s resonate more with with younger audiences and also, they’re using Instagram much more than Facebook, which is why we tend to focus our ads more on Instagram when it comes to that audience.

Overall, it pays to have the “So What?” mentality in your mind when crafting any sort of post. Who is it geared towards and why are they going to care? If you can master than, then you might just have a shot at having your target audience care about whatever you’re advertising. It might pay to have that sort of mentality in anything you do in life. You might find that after putting what you do or say through that filter first, what comes out the other side is something worth doing.

adam sabol