The Life of Ryan: The New Guy at KBL

I’m the new guy here at Key Branding Labs: Ryan Ligi and it’s been quite the exciting on-boarding process. Learning what goes into managing a social media account, meeting with clients and putting my writing skills to the test, it’s made for an interesting 7 days and I’m loving every minute of it. Each day is different and that’s all I’ve ever wanted out of a job.

On one of my first few days, I was given a number of videos to watch just so I could get the feel of what the company was all about and the message they were trying to emulate. One of them was a TED talk by Simon Sinek, a motivational speaker and marketing consultant, who talks about the one reason why people buy products from companies. His famous words are “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”

That message really resonated with me and after some reinforcement from Adam (one of the founders of KBL) began to craft this picture in my mind that they were all about storytelling. People hate being sold things, whether they consciously know it or not. It’s more effective to craft a narrative of why you’re selling instead of what you’re selling. It makes you seem more genuine and people will buy into following along.

The “why” in what we do is helping local businesses tell their story. A story has to have passion and a solid reason for wanting to tell it, otherwise it’s boring to read and people can see right through your bullshit. It’s easy to emulate the passion of a business owner when it’s one you frequent personally. We want these businesses to succeed because they support our community and I’ve learned that it’s effective from a relationship standpoint to show your faces there frequently.

As an example, when a client is running an event or adding something new to the business, it’s our job to show up and be present to collect our own content for posts instead of relying on the owner to take their own pictures. It’s a simple way of showing that we care and ensure we have the highest quality post to promote your business.

I personally love to read and have a bookshelf full of some truly captivating tales. One thing I’ve learned over my many years of page-turning is that good storytellers are continually crafting their technique, changing up the way their ideas are presented so their audience’s engagement endures. It’s no different with social media; in a time where a person’s attention is being fought for as ferociously as ever, you MUST stand out. Formulating posts that shape a story, instead of peddling to the audience, and ensuring the verbiage and framing speaks not only to the mind, but to the heart as well is the biggest take-away from my first week at KBL.

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