Three KEYs to Marketing Your Business in Binghamton in 2019.

KBL: “So tell me about what your marketing strategy looks like right now”

Client: “We’ve tried traditional advertising: radio, TV, newspaper..”

KBL: “How are they working for you?”

Client: “Not much of anything from radio or the paper. We see a bit of traffic from TV, but it’s just SO expensive.”

KBL: “Have you experimented with using Facebook or Instagram advertising at all?”

Client: “A little on Facebook, we don’t have Instagram.”

KBL: “How has Facebook worked for you guys so far?”

Client: “We do a couple posts a month. We saw a pretty good response from a sale we did, but we haven’t done much since”.

If any of the above conversation sounds familiar to you, we have bad news and we have good news. The bad news is that you’ve SERIOUSLY been missing out on some of the most cost effective marketing tools humans have ever seen. The good news is that a.) you’re not alone in our city and b.) you still have plenty of time to fix it. We’ll come back to that last part in a second.

Let’s go back to that conversation at the top. You know what the biggest flaw with that marketing strategy is? THERE. IS. NO. STRATEGY. Radio, TV, Newspaper, billboards, social media, digital banner ads are all tools that can be used to execute your strategy. Most people allocate some dollars to their advertising budget each year, pick a few media outlets that they think feel right, write the occasional check, and think that their marketing and advertising strategy can be checked off for another year. If you’ve ever been in this situation, you know just how wrong that is.

To actually have an effective marketing strategy in 2019 and beyond, you’ll need three things in your arsenal at all times.

1. Great Content. One of the bi-products of having generations of customers that have been bombarded with advertisements for their entire lives, is that your prospective customers are becoming increasingly numb to any content that they feel is trying to sell them something. You know, like how much you just loooove those telemarketers, TV commercials and people stopping you in the mall or those big department stores? Guess what, all of those people that you’re trying to get to buy your product or utilize your service hate that stuff just as much. The burden to create fresh, captivating content that engages with your customers has never been heavier (and, spoiler alert, that’s probably not changing anytime soon). How do you craft this engaging, compelling content? We’ll cover that in our next blog.

2. Consumer Attention. Probably the missing pillar that is responsible for 90% of failing marketing strategies. You’ve done everything else right: you’ve come up with great content, you’ve set up your commercial schedule, you’ve designed great in-store specials to excite your customers when they’re in your building and…nothing. For as powerful as that great content we talked about above is, it means next to NOTHING if people don’t have a way to consume it. Whether you’re running a TV commercial at 5:30am when your customers are still asleep, advertising in a paper that no one is reading, broadcasting on a radio station that 90% of your customers have left for satellite and Spotify or praying that you’re still getting some kind of organic Facebook reach (which, second spoiler, you’re very likely not), if you don’t have your customers’ attention you’re also lacking a functional marketing strategy. Don’t worry, we’ll talk more on how to get it in a later blog.

3. C-O-N-S-I-S-T-E-N-C-Y. You know the saying, “good things take time”? It’s a saying for a reason. Your workout results, your diet, your craft. You don’t see any results unless you remain disciplined and add to your stack on a consistent basis, right? Well much like your workout results and your diet, staying disciplined and consistent with your marketing can be painful, frustrating and hard to keep up with. But, if you want to see actual results, you need to keep going anyway.