You Just Found Your Marketing Team.

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What We're All About

We believe in being really good at one thing. For us, that's communication: The foundation on which all of our marketing strategies are built. If you're not communicating with customers (past, present AND future) your numbers are going to reflect that, and not in a good way. The KBL team has years of collective experience crafting engaging content and building targeted, rock-solid campaigns. From Facebook to Instagram, we'll create a custom success strategy for your business. The attention people are paying here is real. So is your sales potential. Believe us.


How We Roll

Our process isn't rocket science. But our approach to social media management has a proven track record of success through our work with some of the biggest brands in Binghamton. Below is a quick snap-shot of what you can expect when working with us :)

–We Learn About You

Before doing anything we learn all about you and your business. It gets pretty personal here.

–Building the strategy

Now that we're your biggest fans we start building a customized social strategy for your business.

–Time to gather content

Pictures, videos, graphics, etc. This is where we gather the content that is going to engage your fan base.

–Making it all happen

Sit back and relax. Your social strategy is now in the loving hands of KBL. Time for us to deliver results.


Great Content + Customer Attention = Win.


How We Got Our Start

In 2011, the creators of Key Branding Labs founded a company called CommuniKey, with the mission to create an engaging membership program that connects local businesses with local patrons through an interactive mobile and social platform.

After consulting with hundreds of local businesses, like yourself, Key Branding Labs was launched specifically to tackle the challenges that your business may be facing when it comes to digital marketing; social media management/ad placement, web development, video production, email marketing, and overall digital strategy.

We know what it's like to own and operate a small business and how strapped for time you can be, especially in unfamiliar territory. That's why we make things easy for you. We take the time to sit down and develop a comprehensive strategy that is unique to your businesses, create content and then manage your platforms. Leaving you with more time to devote to what you know best and feel at ease that your brand is headed in the right direction.


Ready to take your brand to the next level?

Let’s Make This Happen.

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